About Us

Why Lumko?

Lumko High School is a public secondary school located at 2A Longacre Rd, Amalinda, East London, 5247 in Eastern Cape Province. The school offers Grade 8-12 education and has approximately 1059 students. It is known for:

  • 64% Bachelors Pass in 2020
  • Over 80% matric pass rate for the last 4 years

We are a school that brings students from various backgrounds
and cultures together in an environment that not only acknowledges
but also embraces diversity.

Our teachers not only love what they do and enjoy teaching,
but they also work hard to make their classroom a better place
for everyone.

We recognize that in order for our students to properly develop,
they need access to good modern infrastructure.



  • Create a positive learning environment that will ensure the provision of quality education.
  • Instill self-discipline to our learners so that they can become responsible members of their communities and the society as a whole.
  • Promote a sense of pride and ownership of the school to all stakeholders
  • Promote a sense of respect for one another.
  • Help our learners to realise and develop their skills to their full potential.
  • Encourage a positive attitude towards striving for the achievements of our goals.
  • Prepare our learners for work life and adult life.
  • Make the school a comfortable workplace for educators.
  • Develop partnerships for all stakeholders.
  • Preserve and promote all that constitutes the pride of our beloved institution.


To be a centre of educational excellence where refined educators create an effective learning environment in which learners will develop into balanced and responsible citizens that will contribute meaningfully in the advancement of their communities